Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sped's Three Peaks Sun. 22nd Jan 2012

No hospital cases this year so that made a pleasant change. A good attendance with 14 girls and 24 boys.
Anticlockwise route yet again. Clockwise must be a banker for next year!
A bit of an informal list of names and sometimes accurate times might give you an idea of how much form your rivals currently have.
Lee Newton 2.08
Carl Bell 1.47.35 fastest time and didn't cut any corners [so I'm told]
Jenn Mattinson 2.36
Dave Burton 2.20.29
Lesley Malarkey 2.47
John Beetham 2.04
Toby Cushion 1.59
Robert Lenning 2.22
Mike Robinson 1.50.45
Louise Roberts 2.19
Hazel Robinson ? 2 dogs in tow
Gavin Bland 2.06
Jo Gillyon 2.26
Cat Evans 2.26
Chris Evans 2.26
Catherine Spurden 2.36
Pat Richards 2.47 2 tops
Pete Richards 2.47 2tops
Siobhan Brewer 2.40
Rachel Mellor 2.40
Sarah Bailey 2.40
John Horne 2.45
Adam Campion 2.44
Simon Jackson 2.42
Stephen Norman 2.45
Anne Downie 2.59
Jim Downie 2.59
Dave Birch 1.58.40
Pippa Maddams 1.58.40
Paul Cornforth 1.50.45
Dan Barton 2.04.23
Libbie Graham 2.36
Peter Egan 2.45
Tony Morley 2.52
Rob Jones 2.21
John Nicoll 1.57.06
Simon Booth 1.47.49 close 2nd
Dave Spedding 1.39 could only manage Walla & Latrigg

With a 7 strong creche and a few partners we were delighted to host the best part of 50 in our flat.
The route length has always been a bit of a talking point. On the 2003 result sheet I have a note saying Debbie officially measured route at 11.5 miles. Depressing? Then the 04 sheet has notes to the effect of flat length 12.17 miles hidden length 14.00 miles and climb 3947 ft.
What say you GPS folk??

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